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For product, marketing and advertising questions, or to obtain a login for website access, contact the Annuity Sales Desk at 800.435.7775 ext 3696.

For status on new business submissions and commissions, please visit the Annuity Information Center on our website,, or contact Customer Care at:

Customer Care Center: 800.435.7775
General New Business Fax Line : 267.256.3542
For AnnuityNet & Affirm submissions: Fax: 267.765.5955 Email: [email protected]

For status on licensing and contracting of agents, contact:
Licensing: 800.435.7775 ext 4040 Fax: 267.765.5952 Email: [email protected]
For Agent of Record Changes only: Fax: 267.765.5952 Email: [email protected]

For questions on all in-force business, including annuity claims status, contact Customer Care at:
Customer Care Center: 800.435.7775 Fax: 267.256.3532 Email: [email protected]
Non-Financial Changes (Address Changes, etc.) Fax: 267.570.8812
Financial Changes (Withdrawals, etc.) Fax: 267.256.4713